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To date, patient welfare has been the focus of our thinking and actions – and it should remain so in the future.

We are an entrepreneurial specialist delivering true benefits to patients. This is Grünenthal’s purpose. As an independent, international, research-based pharmaceutical company we draw on our long-standing experience in innovative pain treatment and development of state-of-the-art technologies to improve patients’ health and quality of life.

Pain is the most single common reason why an individual consults a medical professional. The European Pain Federation (EFIC®) states that, whereas acute pain may reasonably be considered a symptom of disease or injury, chronic and recurrent pain is a specific healthcare problem, a disease in its own right. Pain and especially chronic pain can have a significant negative impact on your and your loved ones quality of life.

For most of us many things have become a matter of course: sleep, work, carefree quality time with our partner, family members and friends, holidays, pursuing hobbies and personal interests, a flexible and spontaneous life. But for patients whose daily life is determined by pain, all of this is often out of reach. We at Grünenthal have made it our aim to give these patients again some quality of life. Therefore, we gear our entrepreneurial actions to their interests and health. We want to better be able to understand their unfulfilled needs and their large and small challenges. In this way we can focus our research and development activities more intensely on those aspects that will be of use to the patients.

As a research-based pharmaceutical company we are very proud of the products from our own development. Our sustainable investment in research and development is above the industry´s average. As a result we are setting an example and committing ourselves to innovation. We are intensively working towards finding new improved ways of treating pain, solving unmet medical needs and bringing beneficial products with few side-effects onto the market. Our portfolio covers a wide range of medicinal products for chronic and acute pain.

Since pain is diverse, different types of pain require different treatment approaches, and we provide both products for the relief of nociceptive pain as well as neuropathic pain.

In order to create real added value for our patients we like to think out of the box. We seek a dialogue and bring great benefits to the patients. In this way Grünenthal is involved in many areas – particularly on the subject of “Pain”. We are active in different initiatives here:


  • With the support of the umbrella organization of the European Pain Association (EFIC®) our initiative CHANGE PAIN® contributes to improving the situation of patients with practicable approaches to solving daily problems. More information:
  • As a pain specialist we appreciate the fruitful exchange of information and experience with motivated young scientists. Together with the EFIC® we are supporting them through the EFIC-GRÜENTHAL Grant. More information:
  • With the initiative “My pain feels like...” we aim to improve communication between doctors and patients. The more detailed patients can describe their symptoms, the greater the possibility of effective pain relief.
  • Under the concept “The Societal Impact of Pain” we provide professionals from the healthcare system, pain advocacy groups, politicians, insurances, representatives of health authorities, regulators and budget holders the possibility of exchanging information on the effects pain has on societies, health and healthcare systems in Europe.
  • Grünenthal supports the Member of the European Parliament “Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain”, an initiative of the European Federation of Neurological Associations [EFNA] and Pain Alliance Europe [PAE], two patient advocacy groups aiming to encourage research into and access to innovative treatments, promote prevention and self-management approaches, decrease stigma and work together to improve quality of life for people living with neurological and pain disorders.
  • Grünenthal has entered into an official partnership on the development and implementation of European Pain Patient Pathways Recommendations with Pain Alliance Europe (PAE), an organization representing chronic pain patients in Europe, and the Active Citizenship Network (ACN), an organization that promotes and supports citizens‘ powers and responsibilities in policy-making.
  • Grünenthal also collaborates with Active Citizenship Network (ACN), an organization that promotes and supports citizens‘ powers and responsibilities in policy-making, on collecting good practices for “Chronic Pain: making the invisible visible”.
  • Grünenthal demonstrates its commitment to patient-driven R&D with its first Patient Summit in March 2017, bringing together patient advocates, clinicians and Grünenthal researchers to define ways to bring the patient voice to the R&D process. Read more.
  • Furthermore, Grünenthal supports the annual EU Patients’ Rights Day aiming at improving the rights and treatment options for patients with chronic diseases.

This section provides you with information about the different kinds of pain, the development of pain and therapy solutions. Furthermore, you will learn more about the latest perspectives in pain therapy and we would like to support you in finding the right way for you to deal with the pain.